Futurism Manifesto
University of Portsmouth 2019
For this brief we were asked to design a book that expresses the narrative of the Futurism Manifesto by F.T. Marinetti through defined typography and self generated imagery. 
In order to engage with our audience we were asked to reinterpret the traditional form of the book by exploring the typographic hierarchy associated with editorial design.
I choose to express the narrative of the text through defined typography, turning the type itself into the imagery. I also used a continuous circular element on each spread and the addition of transparent pages to dynamically represent the movement within the manifesto.
I used only black and white for the inside of the book, along with a vibrant red cover and transparent dust jacket, both of which were screen printed. The vibrant red cover and dark blue ink reflect the colour palette of many Futurism artworks, whilst the dynamic overlaying of the text visually indicated the movement reflected in the text.

Editorial Design, Book Binding, Screen Printing, Print, Typography

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