University of Portsmouth 2020
To identify a problem or issue and design a solution that can encourage action in order to generate positive impact.
I decided to focus on the issue of student sustainability, as through my research this was identified to be an area of interest within students as well as a very current and important issue, however the majority felt that they lacked the knowledge and ability to make sustainable lifestyle choices.
In order to reach my target audience I decided to create a fun and engaging app, implementing gamification techniques to encourage and reward sustainable behaviours. The idea behind my app was to aid and facilitate my users goals through:
*Providing an educational tool to increase knowledge on the topic of sustainability.
*Giving tips and guidance on how to integrate sustainable practices into the users lifestyle and studies.
*Encouraging and motivating users through a reward based system, to adopt sustainable practices.

UX/UI, Branding, Promotion, Copywriting 
My app 'Growth' enables students to clearly and effectively make more sustainable choices, whilst maintaining a strong aesthetic to engage the users, and encourage a positive user experience. 
The app primarily enables users to participate in sustainable tasks in exchange for points. These points can then be redeemed for flora and fauna which can be added to the users own forest, enabling them to visually see their progress and motivate them to continue making changes. 
The app also enables users to compete against friends and fellow students within their university, further motivating them, as well as providing a social aspect to the app reflective of university life. 
The 'Growth' app also enables students to tailor their sustainable choices to their studies, ensuring that users can balance both the commitment of being sustainable as well as their academic studies, by integrating the two. This will also enable them to promote sustainable working methods in their future career, further provoking change.
All of these elements have been create with the aim of increasing sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment in a fun and engaging way.
To promote the Growth app I designed a website and app screen shots which engage and showcase the features of my app to potential users. The visual identity for both of these promotional outcomes is consistent with the app, building brand recognition.

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