Sleeping Patterns in Animals
University of Portsmouth 2018
The brief required us to visually compare 3 different data sets of 6 animals of our choosing. 
The data sets I chose were paradoxial sleep, slow wave sleep and overall sleep index. Accompanying the visualised data I designed 6 pictograms for my chosen animals - elephant, fox, pig, sheep, rabbit and cow. I opted to represent these by using positive and negative space, focusing on simplicity and curved forms to clearly reflect the relaxed nature of the data. I created my pictograms in a circular shape which defined how I would then visualise the data. 
My colour palette of purples, blues and pinks was used to coherently reflect the sleep theme of the data, as well as to create enough contrast between the different sections of the data. 
I focused on maintaining the curves reflected in my pictograms, having the data curve around the design in a peaceful almost sleepy manner. This also ensured that the data was easy to follow and understand with the help of labels.​​​​​​​

Information Design, Layout

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