Spotify Design - Spotify Moments
D&AD New Blood Winner 2021

The challenge set was to create a new feature that encourages users to soundtrack and share their lives through the Spotify app, increasing both personal and social engagement
Music plays a prominent role in our everyday life. Whether it is for enjoyment or distraction, we listen to music from early in the morning until late at night. Music has also been identified as playing a key role in the construction of autobiographical memories.
Through harnessing this connection between music and memory, Spotify Moments provides users with a personalised archive of music moments, enabling them to relive their favourite memories through song. Users can add comments, images, and even friends to their moment, creating a truly unique social and personal experience.
UX/UI Design, Branding & Identity, Copywriting
The Promotion
To promote this new feature within Spotify I created a campaign, and the accompanying hashtag #spotifymusicmoments. 
The hashtag reflects not only the essence of the brief as a whole, but clearly communicates the concept of the new feature, engaging users and encouraging them to share their moments through music. 
The promotional banners were designed to be cohesive with Spotify’s existing visual language, yet still exciting to passers-by. The vibrant colour palette used is not only attention grabbing and fun but reflective of that used within the new Spotify Moments feature. 
The copywriting of the campaign is entertaining and human- centric, emphasising the powerful role music plays in the moments of our lives, through sharing existing moments created by Spotify users. The campaign uses a young tone of voice to engage with Spotify’s target audience. 
The application
Spotify Moments has been designed to be consistent within the existing visual language of the Spotify app, and correspond with Spotify’s design principles and audience. 
The new feature brings music and memories together, enabling users to create an archive of their favourite memories through songs, images and friends. 
The scanning feature enables users to directly add themselves to an existing moment for big events, for instance festivals, concerts etc. This feature could potentially develop into a source of income for Spotify with events paying to have their own moment as part of promotion. 
Spotify Moments enables users to connect with friends and record and relive shared moments together. The comments function encourages engagement and interaction within the app, ensuring that viewers aren’t just seeing the content but are actively interested. 
Artists can view and add comments on public moments which include their songs, using the ‘Spotify for Artists’ app. This establishes a deeper connection between artists and their listeners and builds on Spotify’s current offerings. 
The Process
To gain further insight into the brief, I used a user-centric approach, conducting a survey and interviews to gain insight into peoples experiences with Spotify, their listening habits, opinions, likes and wishes. 
I also explored other mainstream platforms which encourage users to document and share their lives through a variety of mediums, for example Instagram, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter; as well as other music driven apps such as Soundcloud and Deezer.   
From this research, I identified some key patterns which enabled me to identify user’s goals and needs, paving the way for a viable and effective solution which helps listeners build a deeper connection with friends and artists, and share their content.

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