University of Portsmouth 2020
A group project to collectively design an identity for an exhibition of our work.  
Our visual identity 'zest' aimed to capture our playful and fun nature as a collective, through showcasing work surrounding our three main passions: typography, white space and interactivity. 
The word 'zest' describes a great enthusiasm or energy toward something, which perfectly embodies the essence of our brand. As a group we came up with a clear ethos for our brand:
* We are ob_zest with design.
*We define the lime between fun a professional.
*We believe that when life gives you lemons, you should turn them into ideas.
*We inspire fresh thinking.

Branding, UI/UX, Copywriting, Promotion, Group Work 
We wanted our promotional material to be very playful and fun, reflecting the essence of our brand. The promotional material is therefore very unique and engaging, for instance instead of traditional paper invitations we design a sticker which would be stuck to a lemon and handed out. 
The copy 'bring the lemon, we supply the lemonade' enticing potential visitors as well as linking to our branded lemonade (shown below). We also designed a signature zest scent which would be sprayed around the exhibition as well as available for purchase, applying sensory branding techniques and building brand recognition.

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